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I Think Charlie Kelly Owned An Apartment In Boston And Just Lost It Due To His Plan To Catch Rats?

I know life imitates art but heavens to betsy this is the most clearcut example I’ve ever seen in my life. James Dickey just straight taking a page from Charlie Kelly’s playbook attempting to explain why his triple decker has a cat and rat problem, because he’s been leaving tuna out in order to attract cats to hunt the rats.

I’ll be honest, it’s not the WORST strategy I’ve ever heard. I can see where the guy’s head was at. 99.9% of the time you find yourself thinking, “Hmmmm… feel like I saw Charlie do this in an episode of Always Sunny,” then you’re probably going to end up on the wrong side of history, but this isn’t completely nonsensical. You ever see that video about how adding 14 wolves to Yosemtie completely changed the landscape and ecosystem? Well, it stands to reason that adding a few cans of tuna and some cats to your alley could turn Dorchester into a totally different town.

But that’s where it ends with reenacting Charlie scenes. If you find yourself bringing bags of spaghetti to a spa or painting Danny DeVito black to play the flute in a darkened basement or doing cocaine with jockeys to become a stable boy or siphoning gasoline to save for when gas prices go up to sell it back or swallowing blood capsules to pretend you’ve got a touch of consumption or putting on a green suit to impress the Philly Frenetic or diving in front of cars for World Series tickets then you’re probably going to find yourself in a bad spot.