I Just Moved Western Illinois DT Khalen Saunders To The Top Of My Draft Board

With college football over and the NFL season coming to a close it can only mean one thing: DRAFT SZN HAS RETURNED. Which means your favorite analysts will be dropping their Big Boards versions 1.1-38.7 from now until the Day 1 of the 2019 Draft. It’s the best time of the year to get takes off, and then change those takes, and point out the most minuscule of flaws a certain player displayed in Week 6 against Tulane on the road on a short week in the second quarter on third and long.

But grading every snap, watching All-22, and generally knowing who these people are as human beings is for the birds. A real draft scout looks for the intangibles. The things that don’t necessarily translate to making a good football player at all. You save a family of four from a burning building: you rise on my draft board. You post a video of you doing box jumps: big whoop, everyone can do box jumps, enjoy the 7th round bub. You carry a horse after it was bitten by a snake, I don’t care if you’re a 30-year old man who may have never even heard of football: you can protect my QB’s blindside.

And if you’re 320-lbs and can do backflips off the vert? Or look like fucking Gabby Douglas at the Olympics doing handsprings and shit all over the field? That’ll get the attention of me, Steven Cheah, Chaps, and any other NFL insiders scouring the web, breaking down film, searching for the correct takes heading into the ’19 Draft.