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Rate That Highway Rooftop Twerk

It’s that time again. To (imagine gameshow music)




Folks, I gotta be honest, this twerk isn’t that great. Maybe because it’s in the cold weather and you’re worried about being cold instead of worrying about making those buttcheeks clap.

Twerk rating: Actually bad.

Let this be a lesson for everyone. If you are gonna clap that ass, clap it. If not, put your buttcheeks back in your britches and put them on silent mode.

PS: that “seriously” that the woman filming says lets me know she has at least 3 kids, one of whom is still a toddler. That’s a big time mom “seriously.”

PSS: I would kill to move my cheeks like this. Can you imagine how turned on everyone would be if I pulled into the gas station, lifted the diesel pump, and started to go to town on the top of my F250? I’d be the Belle of the Ball.