BREAKING: Harper To New York And I'm Not Thrilled About It

Weather - Winter Storm Harper will become a major snowstorm from the Plains to the Midwest and Northeast Friday into the weekend, piling more snow on some areas affected by last weekend’s Winter Storm Gia but also hammering areas of the Northeast that haven’t seen much snow recently.

Arctic cold will return to the nation’s northern tier starting late this week, just one ingredient fueling this snowstorm.


Well it’s officially on the way, Winter Storm Harper. I was hoping we would go all winter without this type of weather, and though I knew that was pretty much impossible, I was still holding out hope. I used to love snow. Used to look forward to sledding and drinking hot chocolate and getting off of school.


There’s no perks to a huge snow dump in NYC. It just makes life more complicated for everyone. Because of how many people walk and ride bikes here, it just causes everyone to get places slower. Your food delivery person is weaving in and out of snowbanks and hoping not to hit black ice. I think what people who don’t live in NYC don’t realize is this city is run by delivery people on bikes. Nobody goes grocery shopping. Seamless is without a doubt the most important app to everyone who lives in NYC, and snow is a determinate to our entire ecosystem.

And plus, the snow stays on the streets til May. They pile it up 50 feet on the corners and it stays there until Memorial Day.

It looks like we could get anywhere from 1 inch to a foot. I’m hoping for the former and not the latter (am I right, ladies?!)

Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 11.23.31 AM

Bundle up, friends, looking like it’s going to be a cold, collllld weekend.