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Eagles Ball Dropper/Season Killer Alshon Jeffrey Gets Lambasted By Philly Fans With Hate, Snowballs, And Batteries At Sixers Game

Oh no, Philly fans! Heathens, I tells ya! Straight up heathens! Hasn’t he suffered through enough heartache after single (non) handedly possibly costing the Eagles a trip to the NFC Championship game? The last thing Alshon needs is degenerate Philly fans of throwing – often times, literally – their stereotypical bullshit his way.

Wait a second…these citizens from The City Of Brotherly Love are actually acting…civilly? That’s not possible! Not after Alshon Jeffrey could easily be the scapegoat for ending not only the Eagles season, but every single easy conversation starter in the Delaware Valley. Now people are going to be forced to find something to talk about and pretend to be interested in each other’s lives. Brutal. With the way the national media projects Philly fans I would’ve hammered Alshon Jeffrey would’ve been pelted with hatred, snowballs, and batteries the second he stepped out in public.

For real though, it’s a shame stuff like this won’t ever be covered nationally and put Philly in an actual positive light. A real shame, indeed. Of course Alshon Jeffrey should’ve caught that ball. No shit. He knows that, as do us all. But without Alshon Jeffrey, we don’t win a Super Bowl last year or even get to the Divisional Round this season. He gets a pass, and knowledgable Philly fans understand that. Now if that were someone with a history of butterfingers like Jordan Matthews (who I also love, btw)…???

PS – T-minus how long until Davey Goebells puts this kid on blast for spreading false propaganda…3, 2, 1…