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Angry Woman Leaves A Voicemail For Rachel, A "Big Fat White Nasty Smellin' Fat Bitch"

I feel like if you’re a manager you need to be pretty mindful about how you organize the schedule for the week?  For example if you know there’s someone who is kind of laid back, goes with the flow, and is just happy to be there, maybe give them a day off, a shift off, open up some space for people who need the job more.  And if you know you have someone like the caller in this video, you break your motherfucking back to make sure they have every available shift in the god damn store/restaurant/whatever service industry.  Like you just have to know your employees better.  That’s part of being a manager.  Do a happy hour or something.  Do a Nantucket retreat.  Make sure you have at least a general vibe of the staff and their tendencies.  This big fat white nasty smellin’ fat, oompa loompa body ass, 10 dollar jeans wearin’ dirty dusty white, sittin’ behind the counter smellin’ like cheese, thin hair yellow yuck mouth nasty ass mouth bitch did not do that.

Rachel, do NOT get out of the car.