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Ex-Ohio State QB Tate Martell Announces He's Heading to The U

Two weeks ago, Tate Martell was "100% sure" that he was going to be the Ohio State starting quarterback in the Fall, regardless of who transferred in. Well, Justin Fields made his move, and three days later Martell decided to put his name in the NCAA's transfer portal to find himself a spot to have a second chance of being a starting quarterback. Well, Tate, I have some words of advice for you: don't swing and miss. Especially not your second time.


Yikes. But in all reality, this seems like a pretty good move for Ohio's Tate Miami's Tate. He's getting the gang back together with his high school teammates Brevin Jordan and Bubba Bolden, a trio that won a High School National Championship in 2016. Plus, I'm not sure there's a quarterback in the country that will fit in more at The U than Tate Martell will. Because since he's no longer a Buckeye, I can finally say it: Tate Martell is a cocky douchebag. Everyone knows it. And there's nothing wrong with that. He's confident in his abilities. I think he's going to fit in great with their style and culture, and when Miami wins, he'll let every single person know about it the only way The U knows how.

Everything will be great, when everything is going great. But every single thing I've seen about him from his time on QB1, to his petty Twitter activity, to his fight or flight mentality of dealing with Justin Fields shows me his true colors. He's always been the most confident person in the room, in front of the press, and behind the keyboard, but at this point in time he has nothing more to show for it than a good high school career. But he can definitely talk that talk....


So he was going to be the Texas A&M starter right away (after decommitting from Washington), and then he decommitted from the Aggies to head to Ohio State, where he is transferring after two years to head to Miami. The grass ain't always greener, Tate! Eh, maybe it is in Coral Gables though. Speaking of Coral Gables and specifically the Miami student body, I would have to imagine that a bigger question mark than if Tate will receive a waiver to play immediately would be that if his bombshell of a sister is making the trip as well? Rylee could do some DAMAGE at The U.

I know Tate will be on scholarship, so money isn't going to be the problem for him. But tuition alone for an out-of-state student to attend the University of Miami is nearly $50,000! Rylee will need a side job if she wants to attend. Maybe she could be a lifeguard on the beach?

Sheeeesh. The U would be officially back.