There's Nothing More Entertaining In Basketball Than Steph Curry Catching Fire

As I was watching this last night I started thinking there’s something about Steph Curry catching fire. He finished the game 8-for-13 from three and had 31 points. It’s the most entertaining thing in basketball right now from an individual standpoint. Sure, it’s the fact that he’s the best pure shooter in the game and I’ll argue the best pure shooter in NBA history (Ray Allen a damn close second) but look at that clip above. He’s insane.

Here’s the thing though. Maybe it’s the fact that Steph doesn’t ‘look’ the part. He’s a 6’3″ somewhat scrawny dude out there just making dudes look silly. He’s not an athletic freak like LeBron. He’s not some sort of unicorn like Giannis or Durant. He’s doing this strictly by being fucking awesome at basketball.

Low key the other highly entertaining part about when Steph gets going is he gets that cockiness to him. I know it rubs people the wrong way, whatever. I love when a dude has that shit talking in him. Curry knows when he’s on fire. He has that little turn after he releases the shot where he knows it’s going in. He doesn’t bother to stare at the hoop dead on. He’s already going back down the court. He gets that shit-eating grin. I love that it annoys people when he gets like that and I don’t even like the Warriors.

While dunks obviously are the highlight machine in basketball, there’s just something awesome about seeing a guy catch fire by creating space off the bounce or running off a screen. There’s something even more awesome about seeing it with a guy who has a shooting stroke like Steph. You start to get on your edge of your seat wondering if it’s a night he’s going for a 50 spot or 60.

So if you disagree, let me know what you have right now as the most exciting thing going from an individual standpoint in hoops.