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Jesus Joel, The Timberwolves Have Families

You knew it was coming. You knew there was no way Embiid was going to be able to hold himself back after the complete and utter domination we saw in Philly today. I must say, this is some of his best work. Everyone was making a big deal about how Jimmy Butler was facing his old team tonight so of course Embiid had to drop this bomb that isn’t only funny it’s extremely relevant. We all remember the Jimmy Butler practice story, how he took the scrubs and took it to the MIN starters all while not taking a single shot and mentally breaking each and every one of them.

But the story wasn’t just Butler vs MIN, we also had KAT vs Embiid. Two of the most dominant young big men going head to head and safe to say Embiid was just as ruthless on the court as off.

Considering KAT had just 13 points on 4-10 shooting you knew Embiid was going to talk that shit because aside from being completely dominant on the floor, he is also one of the best posters out there. The fact that he gives no fucks at all times, whether it’s good or bad is what I truly respect about him. Whether it’s setting his Instagram location to something witty or tweets like this, it’s impossible to hate Embiid. I’m not sure what’s worse, deal with the type of performance he had in a blowout that maybe a majority of people stopped watching since it was pretty boring or get massacred on social media like this only to see it go viral.

All in all we can agree this was an A+ troll job from the best in the biz.