Last Night In The NBA: An Offensive Explosion Like You Read About

Golden State Warriors v Denver Nuggets

Good morning everybody happy Wednesday and welcome back to another edition of Last Night In The NBA where we bring you up to speed on everything that went down from the night before in the Association. Over the last few days we’ve been fortunate to see for the most part competitive games up and down and NBA slate. We really only had 1 or two massive blowouts while the rest gave us some quality play, high drama late, and fantastic finishes. Tuesday was certainly not one of those nights. There were 6 games on the schedule and 5 of them were complete blowouts. I mean 30+ points everywhere you looked. If you like offense this was the night for you, with 6 teams notching at least 120 points, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a night of scores like what we got yesterday, which means we have some badass highlights to get to. The defense stunk big time all across the league, but as we know it’s offense that puts asses in the seats. If you weren’t able to watch the action last night, here’s what happened

Phoenix Suns (11-34) 97 vs Indiana Pacers (29-14) 131

We may as well start with one of the biggest blowouts of the night, and believe me when I tell you this thing was over quick. The Pacers jumped out to a 38-19 lead after the first quarter and that was it. What’s crazy is they had this type of performance and Oladipo only went 2-11 from the floor. How is that possible? Well, every other starter basically couldn’t miss

Myles Turner returned and picked right up where he left off

the bench was solid with three players in double figures led by Tyreke Evas and his 20 points on 5-8 shooting, and I suppose it doesn’t when thre eof your four quarters tally at least 34 points. The Pacers shot very well at 51/48% with 12 3PM, and are now an impressive 15-5 at home and 8-2 over their last 10. I an only imagine what this score looks like had Oladipo showed up, but these Pacers are doing what they’re supposed to do, taking care of business against bad teams and staying in that top 3.

For PHX, what can you say? They shot just 41/29%, had only two starters in double figures, and while Devin Booker played he didn’t really as he finished with just 8 points on 4-12 shooting. The lone bright spot is Kelly Oubre Jr continues to play well since joining this team, something I’m sure makes Wizards fans pretty annoyed. He finished with 16 points off the bench and was their second leading scorer.


This is a team back on the tanking track after an earlier hiccup where they actually won a game.

Minnesota Timberwolves (21-23) 107 vs Philadelphia 76ers (29-16) 149

This game had a ton of hype going in that’s for sure. Butler vs his told team, KAT vs Embiid, I think we were all hoping this was going to be close and exciting given all the story lines. Sadly, it was not. The Sixers came out and basically hit every shot they took through the first two quarters, this was I think the first time I can remember a team having 83 points in a half. They shot a ridiculous 59/49% with 21 3PM and dropping almost 150 in regulation makes my brain hurt. There’s not much I can say, the video speaks for itself

when I say this was c a complete beatdown I mean it. Even when it felt like the Sixers were throwing in the towel and were going t take it easy on MIN they still dropping 66 points in the second half. You walked onto the floor as a Sixer last night, you got buckets. Four bench players had at least 8 points, 5 players had at least 3 3PM, this was by far their best all around game of the season and it’s why they are a dominant 19-4 at home. You add in the trolling that went on afterwords



and that only adds insult to injury.

For MIN, bad news, not only did you get your ass stomped, but you also lost Tyus Jones to what looked like a pretty brutal ankle injury.

Rough couple of days for the Jones brothers. Offensively they didn’t have anything close to enough, shooting just 38/34% and no player with more than 13 points. I guess the defense is still broken and it wasn’t all Thibs fault, which is a little disappointing after they had shown some things in the post Thibs era. KAT and Wiggins combined to go 8-24, Okogie 1-6, things were just terrible all the way around for a team that is for sure headed back to the lottery.

I guess I should show something positive…….here? Derrick Rose broke 10K

Oklahoma City Thunder (26-17) 126 vs Atlanta Hawks (14-30) 142

OK this is where I started to think things were getting really wacky. I mean look at this point total, 268 points and one of the teams is the Hawks? What the hell is going on around here? I’ll tell you what, for a night the Hawks actually looked like a competent basketball team



They shot 62/48% (!!!!!) had 18 3PM and two 45 point quarters! Against one of the best defenses in the entire NBA! Sure maybe they are stupid for doing this because of the whole tanking race thing, but how can you not be impressed with an offensive showing like this. John Collins went a ridiculous 12-14, Trae Young was efficient, Kevin Huerter might be the best shooter on the planet, and even Vince Carter got into the action with 11 bench points.

Even with 18 TOs and poor defense they still won comfortably, that’s insane.

For OKC, what are you doing. How you allowed this to happen I have no idea but you should be embarrassed with yourself. Especially because everyone played! This was your normal roster and you very much could not stop the Hawks in any facet of this game. Yes, you had your won great performances

but come on, have some pride. They are now 5-5 over their last 10 and 12-11 on the road, and if they aren’t careful they are going to find themselves outside of the top 3 and once you drop into the thick of things with every other team in the West, you could find yourself in like the 7th spot in a flash. It was the return of Dennis Schroder to his old stomping ground and he played OK with 21 points off the bench, but as we see it made no difference.


Miami Heat (21-21) 86 vs Milwaukee Bucks (31-12) 124

Screw you MIA. Where was this level of play this weekend? What a bunch of assholes. Here’s the demoralizing thing about this game. No Buck came out and had a monster night. Nobody scored more than 17 points, but everyone shot well. Giannis led the way with a triple double, but it was only 12/10/10

What makes them so tough is they can get good but not great performances from essentially their entire roster


50/43% splits, 17 3PM, just 7 TOs, there’s a reason this team is 20-4 at home this season and it’s because this system fits their personnel perfectly. When you have Brook Lopez raining threes, Giannis able to do what eh wants, and then strong bench play, that’s how you become one of the best teams in the league. Three out of the four quarters were at least 30+, and they are showing no signs of slowing down.

For MIA, again, fuck you. You deserved that beatdown, and if you’re looking for positives at least Justise Winslow is maintaining his strong level of play

outside of that though, they were mostly trash.

Golden State Warriors (30-14) 142 vs Denver Nuggets (29-14) 111

This was another matchup that had a ton of hype going in. Top 2 teams in the West, DEN won the last time they played, we all couldn’t wait to see Rd2. Well all that happened is we were reminded just how terrifying the Warriors are when they are focused and hyped up for a game. I mean this was a massacre from the jump when they put up an NBA record 51 FIRST QUARTER POINTS WITH 10 3PM.


What are you supposed to do when the Big 3 unleash hell like that? Pray? Give up? Just think, this team adds Boogie in 3 days so yeah that’s pretty terrifying. I can say with confidence that when GS comes out and drops 60/53% with 21 3PM and 38 assists, there is not a team on the planet that beats them. To do it on the road against a very quality opponent like DEN in a tough place to play almost doesn’t seem fair.

For DEN, you’re for sure disappointed. You work so hard all year to be atop the West and poof, just like that it’s gone. They got good but not great performances from their stars


and look it’s not the end of the world. This team is still top 2 and is tied H2H if things get tight late in the season, so don’t get too down on yourself if you’re a Nuggets fan. Your team is still really really good, they just ran into something different last night.

Chicago Bulls (10-34) 100 vs Los Angeles Lakers (24-21) 107

Our only non blowout game came from what could be two lottery teams. Not that exciting of a game compared to the others, but each side did have their moments. For the Lakers the kids finally showed up


and it looked like Walton’s starting lineup adjustment of taking out Hart/McGee seemed to work. They probably stick with that until LeBron comes back. They desperately needed this win which put them back in the 8 spot out West, and unfortunately they still have about a week to wait on the King to return.

For CHI, whatever, you need the losses so no big deal. At least Jabari Parker showed a pulse

I don’t think anyone expected much out of them in this one, so it was more just par for the course, which is totally acceptable.

And that’s it! You’re now all caught up on everything that went down last night in the NBA. We’re back tonight with 8 more games and if you can’t watch em all just check back in the morning and I’ll bring you up to speed. Have a great Wednesday!