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Rear View Mirror

My first blog after the comments have been turned back on, and you best believe it is gonna be chock full of pandering smut and GIFs.

I am not a big selfie guy.

Reason being, every time I see a picture of myself, I am a little fatter and a little older.  So selfies have become like Italians for me…  The less I see, the better I feel.

However, I do not feel the same about those sexy broads who take upwards of 50-100 self-pics every time they get a new swimsuit.


These types of pictures certainly aren’t a privilege, but I am happier when certain ladies use their right to take them more than others.


And there’s a subsector of the selfie game I am also very fond of…  the “Belfie” or “butt selfie”.


It seems more than a handful of young ladies are under the impression that their most photogenic assets are their thicc-ass asses, and I can’t say they are wrong.

And when a picture doesn’t tell a thousand words, sometimes a GIF does.

and what’s better than 1 inappropriate GIF?

And what’s better than hitting a single?

I will go sub-sub-sector now… Those girls who think they’re pulling a fast one by “coincidentally” posting belfies, but doing it through a conveniently placed mirror.


I think the culprits here are girls out there who feel they are 360 degrees of pure sexy, so they are champing at the bit in order to give the random viewer/blogger a full walk around the grounds.


My only issues are with the girls who lack the confidence to show the backyard directly, so they have to mask it in a well-placed reflective surface.


It’s to those demure lassies I say, “Nonsense!”…  There’s a market for all posteriors, so proudly turn around, stick it out, and even white boys have to shout…

Take a fucking report.