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Wake Up With Jose Canseco Doinking A Home Run Off A Camera Guy
Is it shocking to anyone else that it was Jose Canseco hitting a bomb that hits a camera guy in dead center field in Los Angeles? I mean it really couldn't happen to anyone else. This was a pitch he laced out to center field with the bases loaded. It carries enough to get out, and doinks the camera guy right on the camera. Kinda insane that it hit it, considering the odds.
I love how the camera guy knows it's headed his way and abandons the shot. He realizes his boss will kill him if the camera is ruined so he ducks the camera down and tried to protect it, a real company man. He doesn't care that a roided up Jose just blasted one right at him, he's trying to save company property.
Jose followed it up with a nice little pimp job and bat toss as well, he always knew how to celebrate those bombs. Nonetheless, Jose has been involved in a few of the weirdest plays in MLB history, leading off with the homer off his head and followed by this, never change, Jose.