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Grading the Newest Sex Scandal Teacher


South CarolinaThe Beaufort County School District placed Hilton Head Island High School Principal Amanda O’Nan on paid administrative leave Tuesday while the district conducts a new investigation into allegations that she had sex with a former sheriff’s deputy on school grounds.

The decision, made by Interim Superintendent Herb Berg, comes less than a day after The Island Packet and The Beaufort Gazette reported that former Staff Sgt. DeJuan Holmes admitted to the allegations in an interview with sheriff’s office investigators. …

Berg’s decision stands in contrast to 2016, when former superintendent Jeff Moss and the district stood behind O’Nan, saying administrators had investigated the claims and had found no evidence of wrongdoing. …

In June 2018, as a first step to possibly regaining his job, Holmes agreed to an internal affairs inquiry that he avoided in 2016 by resigning. During an 11-minute interview, Holmes admitted to investigators that he had an affair with O’Nan and had had sex with her inside the school while on duty.

Allegations of the affair first surfaced in April 2016 when O’Nan’s then-husband, Chris O’Nan, filed a complaint with the sheriff’s office against Holmes.

Chris O’Nan told investigators that his wife was also seen “meeting (Holmes) at the school and taking him into her office after midnight, where they would stay for over an hour at a time,” according to allegations in the complaint.

Well this is a first. We’ve had teachers banging other teachers in school, such as 2018 Sex Scandal Teacher Starting Lineup roster member Judith Ramsdale from the UK. We’ve had principals getting into the SST game, such as her teammate and double-letter enthusiast Dawn Proffitt Diimmler. But in the entire proud history of school faculty having inappropriate and scandalous sex, this is the first principal who ever did it in her office with a law enforcement officer.

I suppose there’s only so many teachers up to so much commitment-free sexual hijinks that it’s hard for hot, desirable principal to miss out. And Amanda O’Nan is not the student-seducing type, so she went with a consenting adult. In the school. Behind her husband’s back. It just goes to show that there are so many bizarrely horny, reckless and self-destructive educators in America’s school systems that we may never get to the point where we’ve seen it all before.

The Grades:
Looks: OK, Amanda toggles back and forth between hot and cold, depending on how flattering the photo is. But don’t we all? They’re not all going to be carefully taken Instagram model shots. And besides, the grading scale for Sex Scandal Principals is a little lower than for Sex Scandal Teachers, just out of necessity. So I’m giving her a solid
Grade: C+

Moral Compass/Bad Judgment: She denied the claims but her boyfriend admits them, so that’s points right there. My favorite sidebar of this is that the staff and students have held rallies in support of her. Like how does that family conversation go? “Mom, can you take me to buy some posterboard? I need to make a sign for Principal O’Nan for having sex with a cop on campus.” The crazy thing is that if she and Deputy DeJuan Holmes simply went to a cheap motor lodge or had car sex while he was off duty like normal people, they’d both have their jobs and this is the most non- of non-stories. But she just had to have it in her office, next to the plaques, the inspirational quotes and photos with the school teams and the family portraits on her desk. So it’s an O’Nan story.
Grade: B+

Intangibles: Seahawks? That figures. When it gets down to it, they always end up making bad decisions.
Grade: B

Overall: B.

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