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Leafs Fans Do NOT Click This Blog Because It May Contain A Picture Of Tie Domi In A Montreal Canadiens Jersey

Tie Domi in a Montreal Canadiens jersey… Honestly, a day I thought would never come. A day about 95% of people who grew up watching Tie Domi kick the shit out of the Canadiens thought would never com. Well, after his son Max was traded from the Coyotes to the Habs this summer for Alex Galchenyuk, the possibility of Tie wearing a Habs jerseys grew just a little.

Well the day is finally here and Leafs fans cannot be happy. Tie joined his join Max in a bit for NBC Sports before the Bruins-Canadiens game last night.

I love this shit. I hate the Canadians. But I love this shit. Tie Domi is a player a lot of us will never forget. When I think of him I think of watching videos of him pulling Rob Ray’s jersey over his head and just putting on one of the best fights I have ever seen, or him just unloading on people’s faces.


It must have absolutely SUCKED playing against Tie Domi. And lets be real here, Max Domi isn’t a ray of sunshine to play against either….both just complete ass holes out there that know how to get under peoples skin. I love it. Hockey needs guys like this.