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Will Duke Be Able To Survive Without Tre Jones?

Uhm ya think? I will say that I was devastated when I heard the news about Jones and had to regroup for awhile.

I was hoping for at least a sprained shoulder but a seperated one is brutal. He will be out for a long time and this team needs to regroup fast. Right when he went out they look liked a different team, he just brings a different intensity on defense every game which leads to fast break points. Obviously his biggest contribution is being a facilitator and getting the ball in the playmakers hands. He dishes it to them so well but thats why we have the best coach in the world to figure this whole thing out.

We can’t forget about Cam Reddish being out after having his best game of the season on Saturday. I’m not here to spew excuses because I’m not sure if everyone knows this but we still have the two best players in the nation. Oh and the best coach in the world. Listen we have to have different people step up and not have Jack White going 0-10 from three. I respect that he kept shooting but once you get to 0-7 you should probably realize it isn’t working out. Alex O’Connell stepped up last night with a career high of 20 points and he is going to need to keep that up. Hopefully Cam Reddish is healthy against Virginia because were going to need everybody. This is where Tre would come up big because of Virginia’s pressing defense and he would limit the turnovers.

Everyone needs to relax and I hope for a speeds recovery for Tre. He is a huge part of this team and we need him back 100% for March. They will overcome this easily and will be back at number one soon.