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You'll Never Believe This But Carson Wentz Will Be The Eagles' QB1 Moving Forward

Washington Redskins v Philadelphia Eagles

This is one of those things that really shouldn’t have needed to be said by Doug Pederson but because the media loves a QB controversy, he had to come out and say it today. Carson Wentz is QB1 of this team moving forward and there are no questions about it.

Now the thing that sucks the hardest about the Wentz/Foles debate is that you always feel like you need to choose a side between the two quarterbacks. When in reality, I love each of them so goddamn much. I’d kill for those two. I’d do just about anything for each of them. So being happy about Wentz being the guy moving forward isn’t anything against Nick Foles at all. He’ll always be one of the most important players in Philadelphia sports history as the man who brought the Super Bowl to this city for the first time. With that being said–I think we may have seen the best that Nick Foles has to offer already, and we haven’t even really got a chance to see what Carson is fully capable of yet. So obviously Philadelphia can’t thank Nick Foles enough and obviously it would be great if the Eagles were able to keep him around forever.

But if Nick Foles wants to go out and be a full-blown starter in this league again and make millions and millions and millions of dollars? Well he’s earned that right and Philly fans should be supportive of that decision–as long as it’s not to another NFC East team. And realistically, Nick Foles getting a chance to be the guy somewhere else would most likely be best for everybody involved so that nobody has to deal with any “QB controversy” talk next year. But I sure as shit hope that Nick Foles makes another stop in Philadelphia at some point in his life whether it’s to come back and coach or to retire here as an Eagle or just to live her in the city with his family.

And now it’s in the hands of Carson Wentz to make the Eagles a dynasty or not. He’s shown signs that he can be the guy to get it done and with a full offseason to train with the team this year, he’ll come back the way he started the first 13 weeks of the 2017 season instead of coming back a little rusty like he did this season. I know that people are going to argue that he’s “injury prone” but it’s not like Carson is out there constantly injuring the same part of his body. Yes, he’s had some bad luck. But it’s not like a torn ACL has anything to do with a fractured back. That’s just terrible luck and terrible timing. It doesn’t make him any more prone to injuries than anybody else who is playing football professionally. So everybody who wants to harp on Carson’s injuries can shut up because they don’t know what they’re talking about.

Carson is the guy and it was the right decision to make. I hope that Nick Foles makes about a billion dollars and the city of Philadelphia will forever be grateful for all he’s done. But that doesn’t change the fact that this is still the right decision to make.