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TMZ Says Te'o Had A Real Girlfriend After His Fake One Died

TMZManti Te’o quietly began dating an actual living, breathing female human being … shortly after he learned “Lennay Kekua” had died from cancer … and the rebound chick is HOT … TMZ has learned.  Sources close to Manti tell us … the Notre Dame star met Alexandra del Pilar the weekend of November 10 — when Notre Dame played Boston College. Alexandra, 21, is a student at St. Mary’s College in Indiana — which is close to Notre Dame. We’re told Alexandra and Manti dated for nearly 2 months, but broke up recently.    There are rumors swirling that Manti created a fictitious GF to take the pressure off him from teammates and others who felt he should be dating, but his relationship with a real woman calls those rumors into doubt.

Listen none of these chicks are his girlfriends. Real ones, fake ones. None of it is actually a girlfriend. Because this guy is a square and a loser and a weird Hawaiian and nobody wants to date him. When college football players have “girlfriends” you know about it. The Johnny Footballs of the world have those smokebombs sitting front row at the stadium watching them as they play. AJ McCarron. Ryan Tannenhill. Colt McCoy. You know all those dudes girlfriends because they are real and they are actually fucking them so they are seen together in public and there’s pictures and evidence and shit. Manti Te’o is a loser and possibly gay so he makes up fake dead girlfriends and now he’s made up a fake real girlfriends. Why? Because he’s clearly a sociopath and an idiot and probably in the closet. End of statement.