Kazakhstan Has The Next Alexander Ovechkin On Their Hands

While one can argue that there will never be another Alexander Ovechkin, I am here to say I disagree. This morning I came across a video of a 10-year-old from Kazakhstan who may be the goal scorer the NHL needs when Ovi finally retires in 2050. The kid goes by @grigoriev008 on Instagram and it sounds like his name is Nikita Grigoriev. But it is basically impossible to find anything out about a 10-year-old hockey player in Kazakhstan. So this is all we have about this mystery prodigy for now.

At 10-years-old I could barely lift the puck off the ice and this kid is going behind the back and putting it shelf. I have said this before, but you should be allowed to put stock in little kids who you think are going pro. I’d put every dime to my name that this kid is putting up 50 tucks a year in the NHL by the year 2040.