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Did Morgan Rielly Just Win The Norris At Practice?

Toronto Maple Leafs v Pittsburgh Penguins

Morgan Rielly is very good at hockey. He is playing the best hockey of his career and in my mind, is leading the race for the Norris Trophy that is awarded to the league’s best defenseman…he is also putting on a show at Leafs practices this year.

Did Morgan Rielly just win the Norris at practice? The answer is yes. Rielly is out here looking like Bobby Orr at Leafs practice this week. Imagine if he were to ever pull something like this off in a game?

Something I have mentioned on Spittin’ Chiclets before and I ask Whit and Biz about it all the time is how good some guys are in practice. Like, imagine the shit Sidney Crosby is pulling off in practice? I mean, Morgan Rielly looks like the greatest player to ever play in the video above. I can only imagine some of the shit Sid, Ovi, and McDavid are doing in practice.

Just watching the Leafs practice must be entertaining as hell. You are basically watching a skills competition between Tavares, Marner, Matthews and Rielly. Being a goalie in the NHL has to SUCK. These guys just pull off the craziest shit at practice and there is nothing you can do about it.

In all seriousness, Rielly has a very good chance to win the Norris. Like I said before, he is playing the best hockey of his career, playing top minutes and is putting up numbers. The 24-year-old is averaging over a point per game with 47 points (13g, 34a) in 45 games. This guy is basically on pace for 30 goals as a dman…..that is banana land.

Little bit of a #ChicletsBump if you ask me.