Artemi Panarin Confirms That He Loves And Appreciates Patrick Kane

(Per Panarin’s Instagram/Reddit)–

“How about English? The next question ( laughs ). With Kane rarely write off. If something quite interesting, we can write to each other, but especially with my English do not communicate. When they came, I gave Patrick a watch in gratitude. When playing Blackhawks with him, there were big bonuses in my two-year contract. In the last games of both seasons, he just played on me and helped me score points and enter the top 10, and I earned my dough”–Artemi Panarin

This broken English response was written in the language of love. Gold is typically reserved for the 50th year anniversary present, but when you’re soulmates(and your soulmate allowed you to get a bonus check for $3million dollars) you skip right to the good stuff. I was told last summer that Panarin still harbors a lot of resentment towards the Blackhawks after…you know, Stan looked him in the eye, signed him to an extension, and then traded him to fucking Ohio before Panarin played a single game under his new deal. Maybe his heart still longs for 88 and the city of Chicago. You can go home again, Artemi.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 1000 times. The quickest way for the Blackhawks to get back to the top is to have Panarin back in the fold next year. Re-unite 88 and 72. I don’t care what it takes. Bring him home. The Hawks have a narrow window to win big again. They can be elite with Toews and Kane in the final years of their prime. What happens to the organization after that I don’t really care. Cash-strapped in 2025? That’s a problem for future-Chief to complain about. I’ve been through bad times with bad players as a Hawks fan. What I can’t abide is bad times with GREAT players and that’s what we’ve had the past two years. Wasting generational talent. So clear all the fucking cap space. Sign Panarin. Sign Stone. GO FOR IT one last time and I will be a happy human.