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I Stand With This Girl Who Called The Cops On Her Dad When He Took Her Cell Phone Away

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WCPO- A teenage girl in Ohio learned a hard lesson from police after she called them to her home on Saturday afternoon, according to the South Euclid Police Department. Officers were dispatched to a home in South Euclid, Ohio, around 1:30 p.m. for a theft report. When they arrived on scene, a 16-year-old girl who had called them said her dad stole her cell phone, according to police. Officers spoke with the father who said he took the phone away to discipline the girl. The teenager insisted it was theft and that she was entitled to the phone, police said. The officers explained to the girl that having a cell phone under the age of 18 is a “privilege” and a not a “right” as she believed.

This is such bullshit. The whole thing just smells like shit. The rules and laws are so outdated and archaic when it comes to cell phones and who’s allowed to take them away. The last sentence of that article is technically true right now but it’s not true in the real world. Having a cell phone in 2019 isn’t a privilege, it’s a right. I don’t wanna be too dramatic but this is a human rights violation. If my parents had taken my cell phone away when I was a teenager, I would’ve lawyered up. Everybody on planet earth has a cell phone now. Literally everyone. Homeless people have cell phones nowadays! You know what? What homeless people have and what homeless people don’t have should be the bar for what’s a privilege and what’s a right, regardless of age.

I swear to god I have seen homeless people with cell phones. It’s very much a thing in New York City. These are folks who don’t have a pot to piss in but they’re still refreshing Twitter, checking the weather and liking pictures on Instagram. Any person of any age should not fall victim to having their cell phone taken away by anyone. Not even their parents. That’ll be my political platform if I ever run for public office. It’ll poll very well with the people who can’t vote so I won’t win but whatever.