Who Does Russia Think She Is Creating "In Moscow's Always Sunny"?


RUSSIA (with English Translation) – “The reason for this – their selfishness, laziness and stupidity. It was only natural cheerfulness with already marked stupidity help them to remain optimistic and not to indulge in melancholy. In addition, parents Sergey and Alena, played Dmitri Astrakhan and Irina Apeksimova convincingly show that not only the young can be bad man. The series is not only funny, but also very useful. As “bad advice” Grigory Oster raise children “on the contrary”, because “in Moscow’s Always Sunny” will help adults Russians see the consequences of bad behavior and bad deeds. “In Moscow’s Always Sunny” – an adaptation of the American sitcom “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” They have their own business – a pub “Philadelphia”. But revenue it almost does not work. All their hopes and plans – love and money – are crumbling, when confronted with reality.”

“In Moscow’s Always Sunny”. Just saying that out loud makes me feel like I have to pick up a hammer and sickle or else be sent to Siberia. But it’ll be interesting to see how badly this translates into Russian culture. Episode 1: “The Gang Gets A Dashcam” and gets run over by a stampede of goats herded by a tank. Rum Ham switching to Vodka Varmint would be a crime against humanity. Plus for how shitty Charlie Kelly’s life seems here in the states, you gotta imagine it’s pretty sweet compared to the average Russian. Meals consisting of cat food and milk steaks are delicacies. His and Frank’s apartment also has stable electricity. Might as well be royalty over there.

After the jump is the cast of characters of “In Moscow Always Sunny”:

Mac: His and Charlie’s characters easily got lost in translation, but as of now this is your Russian Mac. Needs more mass.


Dee: Not too shabby, Motherland. Probably already came with the drinking problem, too.


Dennis: Almost looks too normal to be both Dennis and Russian. Almost looks like he grew up without having to access water through a well.


Charlie: Again, he and Mac should switch. Also, he or not be a Niko Bellic in real life.


Frank: There’s no doubt in my mind he landed this role by being the leading drug and pimp lord in Russia. You don’t choose to have hair to weight ratio like that over there unless you’ve murdered your way to the top.


Waitress: Has that cute, low self esteem look you like to see in a peasant.


Bring on the Vodka Ham!