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Wait Just One Minute! The St. Louis Blues Are Back In The Mix

Jake Allen beat the defending Stanley Cup Champion Washington Capitals and beloved celebrity fan Barstool Nate last night for the season sweep! That means St. Louis kind of won the Cup right? That’s not how it works? After enduring a PP nuke from #8 to start the scoring, Allen shut the door and grinded out a big win on the road as David Perron extended his point streak to 11 games! You kiddin me?

I blogged last Saturday that the Blues should start Jordan Binnington instead of Allen for the rest of the season and maybe look to move some players at the deadline but that seems like it was very dumb and premature! Where Do The Blues Go From Here? On their first 3 game winning streak. The Blues are back from the dead and very much in the mix. A win tonight vs Frankie’s Taveres-less Islanders would mean they are within ONE POINT of a playoff spot. A team that was legitimately last in the league not too long ago.

It would have been a lot more efficient if they made their resolution to be a playoff team at the beginning of the season instead of just January 1st but better late than never. The Blues have been 5-2 in the new year of 2019 and could realistically finish this month in a Wild Card spot.

After tonight’s game at the Barclays Center, 3 of their next 4 games are against teams who are not exactly setting the world on fire. The Ducks set a new franchise losing streak record every night, the Senators are on their way to giving the Avalanche a #1 pick, and the Kings are looking like a bottom 3 team in the league.

If the Blues can take at least 2 point out of the Islanders and Bruins to close out this road trip, things will be looking very favorably for a team that I myself was not convinced was headed anywhere just a week or two ago.

Disclaimer: I absolutely positively KNOW that this is headed for me to fall head over heels into believing in a Cup run only to be dejected in April but I DON’T CARE. FEED ME FRANKIE’S TEARS. FEED ME MATT MARTIN. JOHN TAVARES IS ABOUT TO SCORE 30 GOALS BY MID JANUARY! LET’S GO BLUES!!!!