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Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino Began His 8- Month Sentence By Going On Instagram Live On His Way To Prison

Looks like The Situation is headed to prison today to start his 8- month sentence for tax evasion and he decided to share his trip on Instagram live! That’s how you know he is a reality star vet. Do you think he was just going to mosey on down to prison without filming it? No way. Even if that crossed his mind for a second, the Jersey Shore producers were in the back of his head saying “you better record it.” This is all going to be on the next season of Jersey Shore and he is going to somehow make money off of not paying money. What a world.

As you probably heard, Mike’s brother got sentenced to 2 years in jail for not paying his taxes, while the situation got sentenced to just a quick 8 months. Leading up to his sentence, Mike “The Situation” has prepared by settling down and getting married!

His wife Lauren knew this was coming and has chosen to stick by his side just like the rest of his Jersey Shore cast members…


Yes I included this picture because Fran and I are in it and we look like one big happy guido family. Mike was supposed to be sentenced in April but he got a few extra months of freedom so that he could come onto the chicks in the office podcast in September…

Within his time of freedom he was married, got to enjoy the holiday season, and is now off to do time. I’m always tempted to yell FREE SITCH! FREE SITCH! FREE SITCH! but then I remember he committed a crime and should probably pay his taxes. I’ll add the t-shirt link anyway.