KFC Radio Episode 25 Part II - I Can Spot A Unibrow From A Mile Away

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One of the voicemail questions this week was “if there was a Barstool Beauty Pageant, what would your talent be?” At the time when we all answered it was downright pathetic and depressing – nobody had a good answer at all. But later in the show we took our first live video calls and in turn I found my talent. I can spot a man with a unibrow a mile away. Not like a full grown unibrow, but a unibrow thats been groomed into 2 separate brows. This dude dialed in and instantly I pinned him as a unibrower. Its like a gift. If we were in a pageant my talent would be lining up 10 people – 5 with 2 natural brows and 5 with artificially groomed brows and I’d go 10 for 10. I appreciate a guy who takes care of that though. If you’re not Anthony Davis and you walk around with a full grown unibrow you have no respect for yourself or the rest of society. Just blatant disrespect for all the people of the world who wake up in the morning and try to look presentable. Seriously if you step up to me with one continuous strip of hair right in the middle of your forehead I won’t even talk to you. Clean that shit up.

Along with the unibrow we had a Black/Jewish Marine. A random dude from Albequerue, and the rest of our voicemails for the week. Call the Barstool Hotline 646-80-STOOL (646-807-8665) to leave a voicemail for next week, or tune in at 8pm on Wednesday and join the hangout and appear on the show live. Follow us on twitter for the link to join the show