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Employees Of A Chinese Company Were Forced To Crawl In The Streets As Punishment For Not Hitting Their Annual Goals

Daily Mail- Workers from a Chinese company have been forced to crawl on the street after failing to reach their annual targets, sparking an outcry among web users. The staff were on all fours as they made their way through the busy traffic of Tengzhou yesterday afternoon, according to local reports.

All of the crawling workers were female and they work for a company which sells beauty products, reported The group were led by a male supervisor, who was walking while holding a large flag that bore the name of the firm.

Whoa. Whoa that’s weird. Really fucking weird. Holy fucking shiiiiiit. But is it really that surprising? I’ll admit that most of the news I hear about Chinese labor practices are usually pretty goddamn rotten. So watching people crawling as their punishment for not moving enough units for what sounds like the Avon of China doesn’t really shock me. In fact, when I mistakenly closed my browser and googled this story to add it to the blog, I had to sort through which incident where a boss made his employees crawl through the street in order to get today’s story.



It almost seems like crawling through the streets in China is just their equivalent to getting yelled at by your boss or not getting a bonus. I’m not saying it’s right or anything. But if you told me the Chinese had people stripping down naked and doing the Cersei Walk of Shame complete with villagers throwing shit at them and a mean ass nun yelling “Shame” every five seconds, I would believe you. Stuff like this is why China is where they are as an economic power. If you don’t want to crawl through the dirty ass Chinese streets, sling more eyeliner or get the fuck outta China. Seems pretty easy to me.

P.S. Nobody show this video to Portnoy. Blogger School is already going to be demeaning enough. I don’t want to have every member of the content team to having to crawl to and from wherever it is being held while Portnoy waves the Stool and Stripes flag.