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The Philadelphia Flyers Won A Hockey Game Last Night And Nolan Patrick Scored One Of The Filthiest Goals Of The Season In The Process


The Philadelphia Flyers Men’s Professional Hockey Team are currently bad at sports. They’re like really, really bad. Heading into last night’s game they were in 31st place in the NHL. A win last night bumped them up to 29th this morning but you get the point. They’re in the basement of the league and at this point in the season, any win is just hurting their chances of landing a top 2 pick in the draft in June. So apparently this team can’t even loose right.

However, the team isn’t in the basement of the league because they have a trash roster filled with trash players. Not even close. There is so much talent on this Philadelphia Flyers roster and it’s games like last night that make it so goddamn frustrating to figure out how this team got themselves into the position that they’re in right now. Because when you have guys like Nolan Patrick who can score goals like this…

…In no way should you be the last place team in the league. I mean this goal right here is flat out grotesque.

To handle that puck right off the back boards and have the presence of mind to go between the legs there? Filth filth filth filth.

Nolan Patrick had 2 goals and 2 assists last night. JvR had himself a hat trick last night which now gives him 5 goals in the last 3 games. Scott Laughton had 2 assists. Wayne Simmonds had 2 goals. That’s a multi-point night for 4 different players whose last names aren’t Giroux or Voracek. And on the backend, Carter Hart had 31 saves on the night.

That is how you win a hockey game. It’s just a shame that they waited until they’re supposed to really start focusing on losing for the draft to play that kind of hockey. A damn shame indeed. Still a nasty goal from NolPat though.