Wake Up With Bryce Harper Getting Drilled By Cole Hamels And Then Stealing Home

Bryce Harper may not be signing with the Phillies sometime this week, but he wasn't always well liked up there. In his rookie year Cole Hamels wanted to welcome Mr. Harper to the league, and he did it with a pitch to the back. Harper didn't really enjoy that, and I don't blame him.
Funny to see Hamels just straight up say he wanted to hit him, no real malice behind it, just a welcome. Well Bryce wanted to repay Hamels and the Phillies by stealing home, and he did. Hamels threw over to first to check the runner, but Bryce knew what he was doing. He took off for home the second Hamels made his move, no looking back.
Bryce slides in safe and was pretty pumped, hard to blame the rookie. If things go the way people think they will go, Philly will be happy to forget this moment and embrace him as their own.