Selena Gomez Returns To Instagram For The First Time Since September


Selena Gomez is back on Instagram after she announced she was taking a break back in September…

Since then everybody has been wondering how Selena Gomez has been doing since we haven’t heard much from her after she entered a hospital in October. It was reported that she was taking a break from the spotlight to receive treatment for health issues she had been dealing with. Before today’s post, the last we’ve seen from her was on Taylor Swift’s Instagram with Cazzie David having a girls night…

In her latest Instagram she wishes everyone a happy new year and thanks everyone for their love and support over the past year. Clearly she has been through a lot but it looks like Selena Gomez is doing better and hopefully she continues on this healthy lifestyle in 2019.

Side note- this post has only been up for like 20 minutes and it already has almost a million likes. That egg is about to be dethroned.