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This Is The Last Week To Submit Ideas To The Big Brain Show


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So I talked about this a few weeks ago.  That we are looking for new young companies or ideas to invest in.  Barstool is great at helping launch new companies. For example we always get these young companies that advertise with us and then soon after we publicize them they blowup. Well how about if instead of advertising for these startups and then going away we invest in them? Sort of like what we did with Rough N Rowdy. Well that’s exactly what we’re doing with The Big Brain concept. Much like Shark Tank young entrepreneurs will come in and present their business ideas or concepts to myself and two advisers who will help me decide whether to offer investment in them. This is no joke. We have set aside well over 7 figures to invest in the right idea/person/concept etc. I truly believe Barstool Sports is one of the great marketing platforms in media. We can be the difference between success and failure for lots of companies out there. So if you have a good concept that you think can benefit from the Barstool Bump fill out the below application and come present to us.

And you must be able to be in NYC on March 10th to pitch it to myself and my team of advisers. No exceptions.

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