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Marty Mush Monday Gambling Slate

I had a hell of a weekend where I was betting anything and everything without worrying. I just knew they were all winners and were going to take this mojo into this week. I’m not going to sit here and bore you with stats of who the public is on blah blah blah. I’m hot right now as I already won a snooker bet this afternoon so lets do it. YTD – 15-15-1. I wish I had wrote all the picks I had but I am a man of honer and this is my YTD on the blog.


Nebraska @ Indiana -2

Nebraska has been in and out of the top 25 all year as they fell out after a loss against Iowa. They bounced back a bit after beating Penn State but after watching Penn last night, not an impressive win at all. I am not sold on Nebraska at all and don’t forget Indiana is coming off a tough road loss against Maryland. They are actually coming off two tough losses and have to be hyped to come back home in front of their crowd and beat the doors off Nebraska. Look for Juwan Morgan to have a huge game and put the mortgage on this game.

Pick Indiana -2 

Syracuse @ Duke -17

Right off the bat I will let you know this is a biased pick. With saying that Duke just played a top 15 team on the road without their best player in the second half and won. That says a lot about this team and the smart play would probably take the points but with Cam Reddish playing like he did, they might win this game by 50. Syracuse just isn’t good this year and they will be able to break the zone. Usually Duke is big on just shooting out of the zone but with Zion they can break it easily with lob passes.

Pick Duke -17 


Pitt +5 

Celtics -2.5 

Like I said take these before the mush hits in some type of way. Lets keep this streak going.