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UPDATE: Philly's "Swiss Cheese Pervert" Is Back Out On The Streets


PHILLY – Before his trial was set to begin Thursday, the so-called “Swiss Cheese Pervert” pleaded guilty to several charges. Christopher Pagano pleaded guilty to two counts of indecent exposure and four counts of harassment. The 42-year-old received eight years sex offender probation. He was not placed on the Megan’s Law list. Pagano must stay away from all four victims and he must also attend a treatment program. Pagano faced 25 years in prison. He is also restricted to use his vehicle for one year sans trips to work, church and medical appointments.

The Trial Of The Century was not to be as the swiss cheese fucker found holes in system and plead guilty to multiple charges. The fact he got off to only 8 years of sex offender prohibition is the biggest upset in the courtroom since Joe Pesci got his cousin’s murder charges dropped. Plus he’s not even on the Megan’s Law list? I was under the assumption if you wore a wife beater and a mustache your named is etched into stone on that site and this guy was putting his dick through cheese asking women if they were lactose intolerant. Or at least that’s what I would’ve asked if I were in his shoes.

No way, no how Pagano is going to stop. It took decades of wiring to get to this point, no shrink is going to tell him he can’t get off with the help of dairy products. So head on a swivel, Philly. Cheesedick is on the loose.