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The Jets Have No Choice But To Fire Adam Gase For Looking Like A LUNATIC At His Press Conference

I just got off radio. The texts started rolling in as I was on air and I knew something was wrong. Whenever I see multiple people, with no connection at all, start to reach out, I know something has happened. I am trained to automatically realize this means one of my teams has done something embarrassing.

But never in a thousand years did I expect it to be Adam Gase looking like a fucking LUNATIC. That was jarring. People described his press conference appearance to me and I still didnt expect it to be this fucking weird. Adam Gase looked like Nic Cage making his crazy face. Which Nic Cage face, you ask? I dunno. Any of them. All of them.

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The way he was twisting his neck and turning his head looked like Terri Schiavo looking at balloons

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 3.09.18 PM

I mean just an absolutely fucking crazy display of human behavior. He’s either a robot or an alien or under some sort of influence. And I’m not talking about drugs or alcohol I’m talking about like demonic possession.  Under the influence of another being. What in the fucking holy hell was that, Adam Gase? Imagine being like “Ok todays the day we do my big introduction!” and THAT is the performance you put down? Thats the best first impression your body and your face could come up with? Nobody has ever failed a test harder than that! Jiminy fuckin cricket that is unbelievably off putting. My spin zone for this is gonna be that hes so intense and such a maniac about winning that he doesnt know how to behave but even I dont buy that take. Thats what you want from like your strength and conditioning coach. An ultra intense social misfit who looks like he’ll slaughter your family if you dont max out in the weight room. I want my head coach to be a level headed, even keeled guy who you trust knows human behavior inside and out. This guy doesnt know human behavior because hes out here behaving like a creature from another galaxy.

I dont like to formally call for another man’s job but I just dont see any way the Jets can move forward here. I think they could sit down with Adam Gase and show him that tape and be like “Well Adam, obviously we’re going to be moving in a different direction now.” And I think even Adam Gase would be like, “Understood.” I’m sure even he would realize how insane he looked. Either that or he really looks this way all the time and he would respond by trapping everyone from the Jets front office in the building and he’d light it on fire. Thats the kind of hire we’re working with. Great job, Jets. Tough day to be in the “He went 10-6 in his rookie year!” crowd. Yea, he went to the playoffs, but also he looks like he’s a robot from an episode of Black Mirror that might be the cause of the end of humanity.