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Fan Duel NBA Starts Tomorrow Night

So pretty much every week of the NFL season I was knocking on the door of winning money. Except for the times I came in like 400th place, I was Top 25 or 30 on the regular. Just steady cashing in. And the best part is, I’m not even a football expert.

Now the NBA, thats a different story. I’m practically a basketball guru. Aside from Spike Lee I’m probably the biggest NBA superfan on the planet. For God’s sake I’m watching this awful Knicks Pistons game in London right now as we speak. What an atrocity this game is. Anyway my point is I’m probably the most knowledgeable NBA guy on Barstool. Maybe even on the planet. So follow my lead as we start Fan Duel NBA challenges and you’re sure to make money.

Here are the terms, just like usual:

$6,000 in total prizes, $1500 for first place.
134 spots, prizes to 15th place.
$50 to enter, up to two entries allowed.
Tournament starts at 7pm EST on Friday. Payouts occur after games end.