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China Continues To Morph Into A Real Life "Black Mirror" Country: A.I. Monitoring Facial Expressions In Class

black mirror chinese flag

source–A high school in China last week unveiled a system allowing the recording/real-time analysis of student facial expressions in classrooms, according to state media. If the system categorizes a student as non-attentive, an alert will be sent to the teacher.

China has been doing this shit for a while now. They take episodes of Black Mirror and say “hey, that sounds like a great way to control our entire population. Donny broke down the facial recognition for social credit back in May. As a guy who loves getting likes on the internet and does so for a living, the social credit story didn’t really bother me. A few pilthy jokes, nothing too political, tell Cody Parkey to fuck himself, and the likes just pour in. This story about facial recognition in class scared the shit out of me.

I don’t need teachers knowing what I’m thinking about as I stare off into space.

“Hey Ryan, please come to the front of the class”

Uh, no actually I can’t come to the front of the class because the whole reason why I’m frozen here staring at the clock and not paying attention is because I have a random boner that popped up out of nowhere. I’m wearing sweatpants and praying that this thing goes away before the bell rings. I’ve got bigger problems than whatever pythagorum theorum you’re jabbering about up there, teach. Homework? Midterms? pssh. None of that compares to nervous boner face. I know China doesn’t care about privacy, but this is a bridge too far. I need zero people to know what’s going on in my head, let alone my teacher. This is tech tyranny defined.