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Shoutout To This Chef Who Made All The Foods From "Always Sunny" Like Rum Ham, Fight Milk, And Milksteak

Little confession to make: I’m obsessed with cooking videos. I’ve never seen a cooking video and not watched it in its entirety. 20 dollar chef, Buzzfeed cooking videos, random clips on reddit, everything. If it’s got a random pair of hands and a pan then I’m watching the damn thing. Mind you, I’ve never once cooked a single thing while living in New York City. I’m talking I haven’t even turned the oven on and I’ve been to the market maybe three times (all for cereal), but something about cooking videos just piques the hell out of my interest.

Having said that, the only way to improve cooking videos would be to add an Always Sunny theme and some Sunny clips. It’s such an intriguing video that I even considered trying to make some of the dishes tonight. I’m not going to, of course, but I at least considered cooking which is more than I can say for any other moment in the last three years. I’d even forgotten about the “grilled Charlie” and let me tell you, that thing looks delicious. The milk steak looks just as awful as my nightmares had me believe it would, but goddamn does that Grilled Charlie look delectable. Fire that up with a nice glass of riot juice and that’s living, baby.