Photographer Recreates A List Hollywood Celeb Red Carpet Pictures With Girls Ages 3-6, Calls It ToddleWood

Daily MailA photographer who recreates iconic Hollywood moments, using toddlers and mini A-list outfits, has taken on this years Golden Globes. New York City-based artist Tricia Messeroux transformed some of Sunday night’s best red carpet looks into an mini alternate universe, which she has nicknamed ToddleWood. Children aged thee to six years old mirrored the poses, and style, of Anne Hathaway, George Clooney, Taylor Swift, Kerry Washington, Halle Berry and Lucy Liu, recreating their red carpet moments in miniature form.

First of all lets start with the Anne Hathaway pictures. I can’t tell whos the child and who’s the real Anne Hathaway. I mean that little boy looks exactly like her. I feel like I’m looking at one of those “Spot The Differences” pictures from Hilights Magazine. They are borderline identical.

Anyway, moving on. How fucking gassed up are these kids’ egos right now? Like that 8 year old Halle Berry doppleganger? She’s gonna be one of the baddest black bitches ever. She’s fucking 8 years old and someone approaches her like “Hi I’m a photographer and I think you look exactly like the most beautiful woman on the planet. Can I take your picture?” That chicks became an instant diva. How about mini George Clooney? Personally I think that little idiot’s smile fucking sucks but nonetheless he was chosen to be George fucking Clooney at the age of like 6. He probably fucked that fake Stacey Keibler on the spot and already dumped her for Taylor Swift. And no I’m not talking about the Taylor Swift lookalike I’m talking about the actual Taylor Swift. That girl will fuck anyone under the age of 18 that gets his picture taken.

Unreal. Look at me when I was that age:

I got a head the size of a fucking pumpkin and ears like Spock. It looks like I cut my own hair. You know how many photographers were knocking on my door asking me to do celebrity lookalike photoshoots? Fucking zero. Unless someone was trying to recreate Charlie Brown when he used a pumpkin as a helmet in his motorbike race, nobody was knocking on my door.