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Reader Email: Kid On Dog Leash Spotted At OCNJ Boardwalk


READER EMAIL: leash kid on boardwalk

saw this mom on the ocnj boardwalk today with a kid on a leash, kid is 100% gonna end up being a serial killer later in life right?

So I guess this is a thing now? Because I’m all for taking care of the children and making sure they’re safe, but keeping them on a string probably isn’t good for the long haul. He’s probably a good, normal child but the second it’s outed he used to literally be kept on a leash, he’s done for on the school yard. He’ll be picked on to the point by middle school he’s either Goth’d out head to toe or is the weird dude who still drops his pants all the way to the ankles at the urinal. Either way people are going going to go out of their way not to sit next to him during lunch. Poor kid never stood a chance. And we’re not even talking about his mother who may or may not dive back into the Atlantic after dinner. Talk about a Freak On A Leash in reverse (great jam, better video).

I see you white. Assuming you’re 18, if not then I’m legally blind.