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Steph Curry's Number Won't Be Retired By Davidson Until He Graduates

(TMZ)Steph Curry is the most famous person to EVER play basketball at Davidson College (by far!) … so, why hasn’t his jersey been retired?! Simple — Steph’s gotta get his degree first. Seriously. Remember, Steph is a LEGEND at Davidson, where he was a consensus 1st Team All-American and famously led the Wildcats to the Elite 8 in the 2008 NCAA Tournament. So, when we spotted Steph’s old college coach, Bob McKillop out in D.C., we had to get an explanation for why Steph’s old #30 jersey ain’t hangin’ in the rafters. “I think he’s in the process of completing his degree,” McKillop told us after heaping TONS of praise on his old player. 

Who the hell does Davidson think it is? The only reason, the ONLY reason, that anybody has heard of that college is because of what Stephen Curry did one March ten years ago. Retiring his number isn’t even enough, they should rename the entire school Steph Curry University. But they’re going to hold his number hostage until he pays them more tuition money? Get all the way out of town with that nonsense. Davidson owes their goddamn existence to Steph Curry but they’re going to make him complete a couple more sociology classes before you let him know how important he is to you? That’s bullshit. I looked up other notable alumni (research!) and the only person with even an ounce of fame who went to Davidson is Woodrow Wilson, but nobody gives a fuck about him. No one applies to Davidson because Woodrow Wilson went there, they apply because Steph Curry can shoot the fuck out of a basketball.

If I was Steph I would tell them to fuck right off over this. I guess he’s still trying to complete his degree but I’d stop as soon as I saw this demand from them. I make like 70 million dollars a year including endorsements, I’ve made ugly Under Armour shoes the number one sneaker to kids, I’m a 2x NBA MVP, 3x world champion, and one of the 10 most famous athletes on this godforsaken planet. I gotta take a few online courses before you tell me you love me? Go to hell, I’m out.

College degrees are overrated anyway, Steph. Look at me I’m doing tremendously!