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"Hobbs And Shaw" (The New Fast And Furious Movie) Just Needed One Picture To Become The Best Movie Ever

As I write this I’m listening to YP ask everybody what the GOAT picture is. I’m serious. Just going around asking everyone in the office what the greatest picture ever taken in history is, as if we’re in some college photography class and all have photographers that we worship and follow closely and can tell you their body of work. While I listened I shook my head and had absolutely no idea what I would say if he were to ask me, then I remembered this photo that was released on Saturday and it’s a no brainer this is the GOAT. I’m surprised they put it out for free because, despite the fact that it’s a still image, it’s the best movie I’ve seen since Fast 8 came out. I’d pay 20 dollars for a movie ticket just to go look at this on the silver screen for two hours straight. Those are three of the biggest actors in the world getting ready to drive cars fast, fight ridiculous fight scenes, and blow shit up. Just the idea of it has me all horned up and ready to rock. It’s more erotic than any still image I’ve ever seen in my life and this movie is gonna kick so much ass it’s crazy.