A Guy Brought A Gun Through Airport Security In Atlanta, And Nobody Caught It

CNN- A traveler carrying a firearm boarded a Delta Air Lines flight from Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport and flew to Tokyo Narita International Airport on January 3, according to a statement from the Transportation Security Administration.

“TSA has determined standard procedures were not followed and a passenger did in fact pass through a standard screening TSA checkpoint with a firearm at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on the morning of January 3,” the release states.
The passenger had forgotten the firearm was in their carry-on luggage, the TSA said. The incident was not part of a test.

Delta Air Lines also issued a statement to CNN, saying that “upon the customer’s disclosure, the airline reported the incident to the TSA.”

The security breach came two weeks into the government shutdown, during which TSA agents have been required to work but have not received paychecks. CNN first reported on January 4 — a day after the breach — that hundreds of TSA agents from at least four major airports had called in sick.

However, the TSA dismissed suggestions the government shutdown contributed to the security lapse and said a normal amount of staffers were working that day.


Eeeeeee that’s not good. We’ve got guns going through security. If you recall, the 9/11 hijackers managed to take over the planes with box cutters. If you were playing a game of rock-box cutter-gun, gun would win every single time. You’d be a moron to throw anything else.

The worst part of this is that guns are getting through security, and that’s a threat. The second worst part? If we have to go through all that fucking nonsense—taking off my shoes, nuking my sperm in the x-ray machine, back-handed erotic pat downs, throwing out my 3.3 ounces of aloe vera gel, taking my laptop out of my bag to put in a separate container—and NONE OF IT CAN DETECT A GUN? What’s the fucking point??? I thought that was exactly what all that shit was designed to do!

Some of you may be too young to remember, but there was a time in my life when security was pretty simple. You dropped your backpack on the conveyor belt, walked through a metal detector, picked up your bag, and went on to the Bahamas. Didn’t need to worry that your 48-ounce sunscreen bottle from Sam’s Club exceeded the volume limit. Of course, the terrorists changed everything and security sucks now, but we all agreed to the changes because we thought they worked. To learn that some dude got a gun through that gauntlet, and that the process isn’t great for finding weapons? Total kick in the dick.

TSA screeners have struggled to detect weapons even in the absence of a shutdown. In 2015, the acting administrator for the TSA was reassigned after a report found that airport screeners failed to detect explosives and weapons in nearly every test that an undercover team conducted at dozens of airports.

My palms get sweaty when I bring edibles back from Colorado to New York. I stuff them in the heels of ski boots, buried beneath a disgusting ball of sweaty ski socks and underwear. Whenever I ask anyone if that’s a risky move, they say the same thing: “they’re not looking for weed; they’re looking for guns.” ARE THEY? FUCK.

Good for this guy for coming clean about the mistake, in Japan no less. Fairly sure I keep that on the hush and toss the gun in a garbage can somewhere quiet. But then again, I’ve never flown across the entire fucking world with a gun, so what do I know?