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It's Unfortunate That This Golden Knights Jumbotron Proposal Video Is Fake Because It Made Me Laugh And I Guess At The End Of The Day They Did Their Job By Making A Funny Video But It Sucks That It's Fake Because It's Funny

I don’t want to be Negative Nate. In fact my new nickname around the office is “Nice Guy Nate”. So when I saw this video I let out a good hearty laugh. A Stanley Hudson-esque chuckle when he remembers about Scott’s Tots. But my Internet Instincts immediately kicked in and I was like “yep, that’s fake”. Just deep down in my internet loins I felt there’s no way that is real. It was set up to go viral, and that’s exactly what happened.

And if you’ve ever been to a Knights game, you would know that for sure, because nearly everyone they put on the jumbotron is a plant. When I went to a Knights playoff game vs the Jets last year, I couldn’t believe how many obviously planted “fans” were shown on the screen. I couldn’t believe it. Same with in the Stanley Cup where the Caps beat the Knights 4 games to 1 to win it, just copious amounts of obviously set up plants for the in-game show.


Who cares that it’s fake!? It’s a funny video. The first time you watch it, it’s objectively funny and hey, that’s the point of the internet, right? To make you laugh. And this video accomplished it’s goal. So while it would be awesome if it was real (and hey, there’s always a 10% chance that it actually is), it’s still a nice little internet video. I’m sure it made lots of people happy today and I’m sorry for bursting their bubbles. Ignorance is bliss after all, but I had to just call it what it is in order to properly blog it.

And if, and that’s a bigggggg if, it is in someway real, I apologize. If somehow, someway this wasn’t an elaborate set up, egg on my face and congrats to the newly engaged happy couple.

(But it’s fake af)