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The NFL Is Trying To Save This Year's Super Bowl Halftime Show By Adding Big Boi And Travis Scott

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Source -  Big Boi and Travis Scott will join Maroon 5 in this year’s Super Bowl halftime show.

Maroon 5 had been the widely reported halftime show act since September, but the NFL officially announced the band as its headliner Sunday. 

Many acts have turned down the halftime show this year in support of Colin Kaepernick and other players who have taken a knee during the national anthem in protest of racial injustice. An online petition urges Maroon 5 to withdraw from the gig. 

This year’s Super Bowl will be broadcast from Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta by CBS on Feb. 3.

I know we don’t typically agree with decisions the NFL makes around these parts, but I am one hundred percent on board with this decision. No offense to Maroon Five, but they don’t exactly move the needle as a standalone act. At least not in Atlanta. By adding Big Boi (a hometown boi) and Travis Scott (one of the biggest rappers on the planet) to the set list they just made every rap fan on the planet’s dick/vagina move. Think about all the bangers these guys have put out? Sicko Mode, Butterfly Effect, every Big Boi song ever. Don’t be surprised if Andre 3000 comes out either. Although I don’t know if they still hate each other or not…

I’d be curious to see how much money the NFL had to pay in order to get them locked down. I mean NO ONE wanted to perform with those guys. Not because they’re vanilla, but because of the whole Kaepernick fiasco. Scott got them to make a $500,000 joint donation to Van Jones’ Dream Corp, but he had to have gotten paid on top of that. If I had to guess, I’d say they’re both making at least one million dollars. It’s a drop in the bucket considering a 30-second commercial spot costs on average $5 MILLION, but still.

Will this be one of the greatest Super Bowl Halftime shows of all time? Of course not- they had Britney Spears, Aerosmith, and NSYNC back in 2001, but it’ll be wayyyy better than what they had planned.

Here are a few other gems you may have forgotten about.

Prince in 2007.

Bruno Mars, Coldplay, and Beyonce in 2016.


Michael Jackson jetpacking to the stadium in 1993.

Paul McCartney in 2005.

You get the idea. I’m looking forward to the game more than the show, but this is still good news.