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When Nature Strikes: Cat Goes Full Extension And Snags A Bird Mid-flight

Look at the paws and fast-twitch muscles on that feline! Eat your fucking heart out, Alshon Jeffery. You literally cannot teach those kind of reflexes and hops. That comes from years and years of evolution that have led to cats being directly above birds on the food chain. As we live our lives as civilized beings, we sometimes forget that every other living creature on Earth is perpetually stuck in a game of Jumanji where only the strong survive and the rest end up in the stomachs of a predator. Nature is like the internet. When you say the word “Nature” or “Internet”, you usually think of something pleasant. But when you break down both of them to their core, they are absolutely terrifying places that are wayyyy more fucked up than any of us want to admit. Sometimes if I want to scare myself, I just think of what kind of crazy shit is going on in the dark blue parts of the ocean that we have never even explored. Just typing that out sent a shiver down my spine. Fuck nature is scary. Shout out to evolution and whatever killed the dinosaurs for making sure none of us ever have to worry about getting eaten by another animal unless we do something extremely stupid and deserve it.

As for the bird in this video, I only have one Hall of Fame Barstool quote to say to it for flying wayyyyy too low while a predator was present.