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Nate Diaz Has Thrown Himself Into The McGregor/Khabib Fray

Nate Diaz is just the best. Sees conflict, gets involved. Time and time again – without fail.

McGregor and Khabib talkin’ about the shame each other are gonna live with forever? Well, everyone’s a pussy and Khabib is gonna live with the most shame because Diaz slapped him in his big dumb Russian head and his team didn’t do shit about it.

Khabib’s response?

A lame video of the aftermath of said smack, which he’s trying to claim shows Nate Diaz “hiding behind security and running away”. This is after one of Khabib’s teammates launches an object very similar to a dolly through the air in a casino with innocent bystanders all over the place, of course. In the Eagle’s own words…

“He almost kill couple people.”

Oh, and the claim that Diaz hid behind a team of folk after the smack? Sounds familiar! Did homeboy take notes?!

Just preposterous backtracking and hypocrisy from the “Champ” per usual. Sounds like he’s living with some serious shame if you’re askin’ me.

Throwback to the week of UFC 229, where Diaz’s official prediction for McGregor/Nurmagomedov was, “Khabib fights like a bitch. I hope they both lose.”