Jason Garrett Just Proved The Dallas Cowboys May Actually Be Insane

This morning on 105.3 The Fan, Jason Garrett said that Scott Linehan, his offensive coordinator, will return for the 2019 season and that he doesn’t expect any major coaching changes.


Basically: “Thank you, we will be making zero changes. See you next year.”

I really believed that I was done writing about the Cowboys for a little bit unless somebody got fired. I wrote my “Walk of Shame” blog yesterday and I was going to put it all to bed until after the Patriots win the Super Bowl (CC: @OldTakesExposed). But in typical fashion, the Cowboys may be back on their bullshit already.

Dear Jerry – The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Even though I’ve reluctantly accepted that Jason Garrett will probably be around forever, I was pretty confident that Scott Linehan would be replaced. I mean that’s not too much to ask. The play calling for the most of the season was absolute trash. To say it lacks creativity is putting it lightly.

It’s no secret that he’s been on the hot seat for a few years and the ping-pong game of blame between him and Dak Prescott’s abilities is always a topic of conversation. I don’t need to list out his shortcomings. Everybody knows them and quite frankly, I just don’t have the energy to waste on this anymore.

But for anybody out there who still doesn’t get it, let me throw just a few numbers at you:

– 22nd in total yards

- 22nd in scoring
-26th in red zone efficiency

And let’s not forget they went 1-and-10 on third downs vs the Rams. Or the fact that he didn’t run Dak until there were only 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter. Or the fact he was still running the ball when they were down two scores late in the game and there’s a guy named Amari Cooper lining up every play.


He just refuses to evolve with the game. It was reported that during the off season, Jerry wanted his OC to watch college football tape and try to adapt some of those concepts. Anybody see that happen? Nope. Still stale. Still predictable. Still a dumpster fire for most of the season despite adding one a top WR they desperately needed to a roster with one of the best backs in the game.

Here’s to hoping (and praying and wishing) that Jason Garrett doesn’t actually have a clue what he’s talking about and Linehan will actually be in another press box in 2019. I think Cowboys fans across the board can get behind that idea. I mean there’s a petition making the rounds (which is super lame, by the way).


But with this front office and with this owner, I just can’t hold my breath that JG was just talking to talk this morning.

As far as coaches’ security, winning one playoff game might as well be winning the Super Bowl in Dallas at this point. And as insane as it would be, Scott Linehan wearing silver and blue in 2019 is still a real possibility.

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