Introducing The Latest Ring Girl Entries For Rough N' Rowdy 7

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Rough N’ Rowdy 6 ring girl champion


We have 9 more ring girls confirmed for RnR7 in Atlanta on Friday, February 1st. I blogged the first group of girls a couple weeks ago if you missed that. It’s shaping up to be a great field with some stiff competition. Here are the 9 new girls …

MacKenzie aka Maddie (@kenz_hallman)


Never seen someone named MacKenzie shorten that to Maddie. Adds a level of mystery to her. Color me intrigued.

Ingride aka Ingridebanzo (@ingridebanzo)

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 April aka The Five Finger Shocker 


Look, I don’t why she calls herself “The Five Finger Shocker” but I’m excited to find out!

Hanna aka Space Kitten (

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Gonna throw the sleeper tag on her. Can see her being a finalist.

Macie aka Mace (@maciefit_)

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One word: Contender

Lexi aka Sexi Lexi


Morgan aka Mo (@morgan_barrett)

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The most “you can take her home to mom and dad” looking ring girl in Rough N’ Rowdy history. We’ll see how that plays in the ring.

Abbi aka Guns (@abbikianpour)

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Now nicknaming yourself “Guns” is way more in line with my expectations of a ring girl.

Kyra aka Kydie (@kydieshantell)

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And that’s a wrap on our latest ring girl entrees. One of the most packed fields we’ve ever had.

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