Steven Adams Stuffed PETA In A Locker With This Fantastic Beef Commercial

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 7.35.22 AM

God do I love Steven Adams. Not only is he awesome at basketball and having an All Star caliber season for the Thunder, but his accent is so awesome I could literally listen to him read the phonebook. So after seeing this commercial circulate around Twitter yesterday it’s pretty clear the man deserves some sort of Oscar for this performance. This is so Oklahoma it hurts, and you know he’s being sincere. This dude smashes steaks all the bloody time because they taste really good. No fluff, no bullshit, that’s not the Steven Adams way. He pretty much went with the reason all of us do when we are asked why we eat beef. Because it’s fucking delicious. I see no hole in his theory and the beef I get certainly isn’t of the same quality of what I’m sure he’s grubbing down on in Oklahoma. That is probably a level my tastebuds can’t even comprehend.

This is why PETA will never win their battle of turning people off meat. Not just because it’s delicious and people like things that taste good, but because the people at Big Beef understand marketing. This 30 second ad was more persuading to eat beef than any ad I’ve ever seen from PETA, including that one recently where they said you’ll fuck like a champ if you give up meat. No I won’t, so I’d rather smash steaks. Throw in a spokesperson that everyone loves with a hilarious accent and the next thing you know I’m at my local supermarket buying steaks for dinner. I didn’t know I wanted steak for dinner but my hands are tied, Steven Adams was that convincing.

This video also sent me down a rabbit hole of other hilarious Steven Adams commercials, and I must say he may be one of the great actors of our generation. Enjoy.