Tennessee Players Gator Chomped Florida Fans Right In Their Face And You're A Loser If You Think They Shouldn't Have

So this happened over the weekend and watching it live I thought it was awesome. I think it’s even more awesome now that over the last day people are up in arms about it and Tennessee came out and said fans were talking shit calling them ‘inhumane’ names so that’s why it happened.

Here’s my thing. Why do people care? I’ve read two different national writers say they shouldn’t have done this and ‘winning the game speaks loud enough.’ Fuck outta here with that. Again, why do we let fans say whatever they want, taunt and talk shit for 40 minutes and then get upset when players react.

It’s not like they went to into the stands. It’s not like they tried to start a fight. They gator chomped right in their stupid faces. We didn’t care that Brad Davison did it to Xavier this year in retaliation of JP Macura doing it to Wisconsin last year. We thought it was funny. This is funny.

This is why we love college sports. This is what you get at the college level. You get 18-22 year old kids dealing with adults and kids their age talking shit. Of course they are going to react. They should react. This is all part of a rivalry. So let them be. Never forget the OG gator chomp: