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Virginia's Austin Kastra Was Surprised With A Scholarship After Hitting A 'Big Free Throw'

Yep, still awesome. I don’t care how many of these I see it’s always going to be awesome. I’m also going to continue to start every single blog with these stories the same way. This time it goes to Virginia and Austin Kastra.

Everyone knows this drill. Typically it involves some running, then coach calls someone to shoot a free throw. If you make it the practice is done or you don’t have to run that time. It’s done all around the country. Likely at the end of practice here you see Kyle Guy go up and shoot a free throw and then it’s Austin Kastra’s turn.

I love how casual Tony Bennett is. That sums up Bennett and Virginia perfectly. ‘That’s a big free throw. You just got a scholarship.’ Imagine being told that. Here you are thinking you’re just finishing up practice for the day. No big deal. Oh, shit. Scholarship? As always the teammates reactions are as cool as anything else. You can genuinely tell how happy those who are on scholarship are for these walk-ons that finally get a scholarship. They mob them.

So congrats to Austin Kastra. The sophomore has played in 22 minutes this year for his hometown Cavaliers. And again, any time you see these send them over to me. I want to blog as many as possible.